Chapter 1
Sec. 1-1.   How Code designated and cited.
Sec. 1-2.   Definitions and rules of construction.
Sec. 1-3.   Catchlines of sections.
Sec. 1-4.   Effect of repealing ordinances.
Sec. 1-5.   Severability of parts of Code.
Sec. 1-6.   Provisions declared continuation of existing ordinances.
Sec. 1-7.   Jurisdiction over areas owned or leased by city.
Sec. 1-8.   General penalty; misdemeanors; civil infractions; continuing violations.
Sec. 1-9.   Imprisonment to be in city or county jail.
Sec. 1-10.   Labor required of prisoners; classification as regular or trusties.
Sec. 1-11.   Persons deemed trusties.
Sec. 1-12.   Designation of trusties; supervision of working prisoners.
Sec. 1-13.   Credit on sentence for trusties.
Sec. 1-14.   City not liable for acts of trusties.
Sec. 1-15.   Escape of prisoners.
Sec. 1-16.   Treatment of prisoners.
Sec. 1-17.   Duty of chief of police to assure security of prisoners.
Sec. 1-18.   Chief of police to prescribe additional prisoner regulations.
Sec. 1-19.   Wards described.
Sec. 1-20.   Additions to wards upon annexation.
Sec. 1-21.   Vice mayor.