The MS&R standards apply to the following uses on property, any portion of which abuts or is to a designated on the ’s or ’s :
   A.   New ;
   B.   Changes of use, including new occurring on vacant land;
   C.   Uses of land or legally existing as of June 27, 1988, that are expanded in , , parking, seating capacity, or any other expansion of use, as listed below. Exception. An expansion of for a nonconforming existing use that increases the number of spaces to the minimum required by the for that use is exempt from counting toward the 25% expansion: (See Figure 5.4-A.)
      1.   If the expansion is less than 25%, the MS&R applies to the proposed expansion. The remainder of the use or shall be governed by provisions in force at the time of initial approval for the use or ;
      2.   If the expansion is 25% or more, the MS&R applies to the proposed expansion and to the parking and standards that apply to the overall ; or,
      3.   Expansions that occur after the effective date of the MS&R shall be cumulated in determining the 25% expansion; and,
   D.   When one or more of the standards of the MS&R, the , or the Scenic Corridor (SCZ) (Section 5.5) apply to the same , the most restrictive standards apply.
Figure 5.4-A: Applicability of MS&R Provisions