A.   Areas Mapped
    that may contain are shown on a series of maps approved by the Mayor and Council called the Environmental Resource Overlay Maps (ERZ Maps). The ERZ Maps include all along the subject washes that may contain habitat, including those that are not vacant. These maps are based on the Critical and Sensitive Wildlife Habitat Map that the Mayor and Council adopted by Resolution #15149.
    is associated with along the following washes and their tributaries as shown on the ERZ Maps:  1) Agua Caliente; 2) Ajo; 3) Anklam; 4) Camino de Oeste; 5) Coronado ; 6) Cuprite; 7) Enchanted Hills; 8) Escalante; 9) Este; 10) Fagan; 11) Flato; 12) Franco; 13) Greasewood; 14) Julian; 15) North Fork ; 16) Petty Ranch; 17) Race Track; 18) Reyes; 19) Rincon Creek; 20) San Juan; 21) Silvercroft; 22) South Fork ; 23) Summit; 24) Tanque Verde Creek; 25) Thomas Sousa; 26) portions of the West Branch of the Santa Cruz; and 27) West Speedway (Painted Hills).
   C.   New
   New that occurs on or proposed that include property designated as an ERZ wash are reviewed for compliance with these standards in accordance with Section 3.3.3, PDSD Approval Procedure.
   D.   Designation, Amendment and Change of Boundaries for ERZ Washes
   Designations of new areas subject to this section and changes to existing designations are processed in accordance with Section 3.5, Rezoning (Change of Zoning) Procedure. For designation of new area within the , the proposed designation shall be reviewed by the Stormwater Advisory Committee (SAC) and Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) prior to the public hearing before the Zoning Examiner. The recommendations of the SAC and STAC are forwarded to the Zoning Examiner prior to the public hearing.
   E.   Approved
   Where a recorded shown on the ERZ Maps is resubdivided, it shall comply with these standards.
   F.   Annexation
   As annexation occurs, additional or extensions of may be added to the ERZ Maps.
   G.   Exceptions
   The ERZ standards do not apply to the following:
      1.   Any single- residence or other existing as of July 3, 1990, or any expansion of up to 25% of either an existing residence or other ;
      2.   Any or to be developed with one single- residence where all and the residence and any are located outside of the ;
      3.   Any that was recorded prior to August 3, 1990, as long as:
         a.   Substantial construction occurred within five years of August 3, 1990; and,
         b.   Construction occurs in accordance with the approved .
      4.   Where these standards affect a that is also subject to the Hillside Development (HDZ) standards, these standards do not apply as long as there is no encroachment into the 100-year floodplain.