5.7.1.   PURPOSE
   These standards are intended to recognize the value of Tucson’s resources, particularly the critical and sensitive wildlife habitat of eastern Pima County associated with public monuments, forests, and preserves. These standards relate to areas associated with Tucson’s public lands and preserves, including Saguaro National Park, Coronado National Forest, and Tucson Mountain Park. It is the intent of these standards to protect valuable habitat resources to the greatest extent possible. , with these public resources, is allowed. This overlay specifically serves to:
   A.   Recognize the social, economic, environmental, biologic, and cultural importance of Saguaro National Park and Tucson Mountain Park to the City of Tucson;
   B.   Buffer Saguaro National Park and Tucson Mountain Park from the impacts of new by allowing that is with preservation of critical wildlife habitat and the Park environs;
   C.   Conserve certain designated washes that extend from the Parks as areas of natural and scenic resources and provide valuable wildlife habitat;
   D.   Complement the City of Tucson Interim Watercourse Improvement Policy that provides for flood control, , and groundwater recharge through the preservation of designated washes in natural and undisturbed states; and,
   E.   Assist in implementing the policies that call for the preservation of Tucson’s significant natural areas along designated watercourses where identified in adopted area and neighborhood plans.