A.   Standards
   The following standards are required as part of the plan, when applicable. They are also required for any allowed encroachment into . Encroachment that may be allowed is limited to , , walkways, or bike paths.
      1.    , bike path, and walkway and utility encroachments into are limited and approved only if there are no other alternatives in the design of the . Where allowed, , bike path, and walkway and utility encroachments shall cross and not run parallel to the .
      2.   Where , bike path, and walkway are allowed to encroach into , they are allowed only at the narrowest point of the . (See Figure 5.7-C.)
Figure 5.7-C: Riparian Crossing
      3.   All in shall be located underground. shall be placed either along , bike path, or walkway or within approved easements. Water and sewer utility trenches must be set beneath the 100-year scour depth.
      4.   Any , bike path, or walkway improvement that impedes the movement of wildlife shall be constructed in such a manner as to provide means for safe and accessible passage. or encroachments into shall be constructed to minimize disruption of vegetation and . Where culverts are used, they should be box culverts a minimum of six feet in height.
      5.   Where a , walkway, or bike path improvement or utility encroachment occurs within the , shall be required for any area disturbed because of such construction.
      6.    should include plant material salvaged from the .
      7.    should recreate the through the planting of trees, shrubs, and seed mix native to the and be equal to the predisturbance plant , diversity, and volume on the net .
      8.   A maintenance program is required for revegetated/restored or enhanced areas so that plant material is replaced as needed.
   B.   Temporary Fencing Required
   No grubbing, , or construction shall occur on a until areas designated to be retained in a natural state are temporarily fenced. All temporary fencing will be field inspected by PDSD before any construction on the begins. Fencing shall be removed only on completion of construction.