General Provisions
   155.001   Title
   155.002   Purpose
   155.003   Intent
   155.004   Interpretation
   155.005   Zoning Officer
Rules; Definitions
   155.020   Rules
   155.021   Construction; definitions
Design Standards
   155.035   Use limitations; control
   155.036   Control over bulk
   155.037   Number of dwellings on a lot
   155.038   Lot division
   155.039   Yards; location
   155.040   Yards; lot line regulations
   155.041   Yards; use for meeting other lot requirements
   155.042   Yards; reduction unlawful
   155.043   Setbacks; minimum distance
   155.044   Setbacks; designated
   155.045   Accessory building, structures and uses; establishment; compatibility with principal use
   155.046   Accessory buildings, structures and uses; animal regulations
   155.047   Accessory buildings, structures and uses; erection in required yards
   155.048   Accessory buildings, structures and uses; detached buildings; permitted as obstructions
   155.049   Accessory buildings, structures and uses; detached buildings; height limitation; distance from principal building
   155.050   Accessory building, structures and uses; detached dwellings; distance from principal building
   155.051   Permitted accessory buildings, structures and uses in required yards
   155.052   Floor area ratio; application in particular cases
   155.053   Manufactured housing
   155.054   Mobile homes, travel trailers and camping trailers
   155.055   Tents
   155.056   Boats
   155.057   Sewerage and water systems; public system required
   155.058   Sewerage and water systems; individual system; permitted when
   155.059   Sewerage and water system; individual system, installation standards
   155.060   Sewerage and water system; individual system; lot size requirements
   155.061   Floodplain area
   155.062   Building height
   155.063   Utility exemptions
   155.064   Conditional permitted uses
   155.065   Private swimming pools regulated
   155.066   Community water supply well; minimum and maximum setback zone; map
Zoning Districts
   155.080   Establishment
   155.081   Zoning District Map
   155.082   District boundaries
   155.083   Annexed territory
Residence Districts
   155.095   Applicability of provisions
   155.096   Nameplates; permitted; regulations
   155.097   For sale and for rent signs
   155.098   Identification signs for nonresidential uses
   155.099   Temporary signs for unified housing developments
   155.100   Home occupations
R1 Single-Family Detached Residence District
   155.115   Permitted uses
   155.116   Conditional permitted uses
   155.117   Lot area
   155.118   Lot width
   155.119   Building height
   155.120   Ground floor area per dwelling
   155.121   Floor area ratio
   155.122   Yards
   155.123   Off-street parking and loading
R2 Single-Family Detached and Semi-Detached Residence District
   155.135   Permitted uses
   155.136   Conditional permitted use
   155.137   Lot area
   155.138   Lot width
   155.139   Building height
   155.140   Ground floor area per dwelling
   155.141   Floor area ratio
   155.142   Yards
   155.143   Off-street parking and loading
R3 Single-Family Attached and Multiple-Family Residence District
   155.155   Permitted uses
   155.156   Conditional permitted uses
   155.157   Lot area
   155.158   Lot width
   155.159   Building height
   155.160   Ground floor area per dwelling
   155.161   Floor area ratio
   155.162   Yards
   155.163   Spacing between structures
R4 Single-Family Attached and Multiple-Family Residence District
   155.175   Permitted uses
   155.176   Conditional permitted uses
   155.177   Lot area
   155.178   Lot width
   155.179   Building height
   155.180   Ground floor area per dwelling
   155.181   Floor area ratio
   155.182   Yards
   155.183   Spacing between buildings
   155.184   Off-street parking and loading
R5 Mobile Home Standards
   155.195   Purpose
   155.196   Definitions
   155.197   Minimum site size
   155.198   Minimum lot size
   155.199   Height standards
   155.200   Yard area; mobile home
   155.201   Yard area; travel trailer
   155.202   Setback from centerline of street
   155.203   Percentage of lot coverage
   155.204   Dwelling standards
   155.205   Off-street parking facilities
   155.206   Screen planting; mobile home trailer park subdivision
   155.207   Screen planting; travel trailer transient park
   155.208   Tenant storage
   155.209   Required recreation area
   155.210   Percentage of lots to be improved prior to use; mobile home trailer park
   155.211   Percentage of lots to be improved prior to use; travel trailer transient park
   155.212   Permanent facilities to be installed
   155.213   Streets and driveways
   155.214   Water supply; general requirements
   155.215   Water supply; water storage facilities
   155.216   Water supply; distribution system
   155.217   Water supply; individual water-riser pipes and connections
   155.218   Sewage disposal; general requirements
   155.219   Sewage disposal; sewer lines
   155.220   Sewerage disposal; individual sewer connections
   155.221   Sewage disposal; treatment and/or discharge
   155.222   Electrical distribution system; requirements
   155.223   Electrical distribution system; power lines
   155.224   Electrical distribution system; individual connections
   155.225   Electrical distribution system; required grounding
   155.226   Service buildings and other community service facilities
   155.227   Required community sanitary facilities
   155.228   Structural requirements for buildings
   155.229   Barbecue pits, fireplaces, stoves and incinerators
   155.230   Refuse; handling
   155.231   Refuse; storage
   155.232   Refuse; collection stands
   155.233   Refuse; collection
   155.234   Refuse; disposal
   155.235   Insect and rodent control; maintenance
   155.236   Insect and rodent control; parks to be free from debris accumulations
   155.237   Insect and rodent control; storage area maintenance
   155.238   Insect and rodent control; required screening
   155.239   Insect and rodent control; plant growth maintenance
   155.240   Fuel supply and storage; natural gas
   155.241   Fuel supply and storage; liquefied petroleum gas
   155.242   Fuel supply and storage; fuel oils
   155.243   Fire protection
   155.244   Park management; operation standards
   155.245   Park management; notification of occupants of applicable provisions
   155.246   Park management; supervision of mobile home placement
   155.247   Park management; register record to be kept
   155.248   Park management; Board of Health report required
   155.249   Park management; license; posting; transfer
   155.250   Park management; School Board report
   155.251   Park management; compliance with state revenue regulations
   155.252   Park occupants; responsibilities
   155.253   Parking areas
   155.254   Recreation facilities
   155.255   Community service building
   155.256   Services and facilities to be provided in travel trailer transient parks
   155.257   Mobile home stands
   155.258   Administration procedures
   155.259   Commission approval required when
   155.260   Site development plan; filing
   155.261   Decisions and appeals
   155.262   License; required; fees
   155.263   Inspection of mobile home parks; health authority powers
   155.264   Design review standards
   155.265   Performance standards; development
   155.266   Performance standards; relation to lot
   155.267   Performance standards; relation of lots to each other
   155.268   Performance standards; subdivision pattern relation of elements
   155.269   Site development plan; conditions of approval
Business Districts
   155.285   Purpose; intent
   155.286   Dwelling units
   155.287   Enclosure of operations
   155.288   Performance standards
   155.289   Parking limitations
   155.290   Scope of operations
B1 Business District
   155.305   Purpose; intent
   155.306   Permitted uses
   155.307   Conditional permitted uses
   155.308   Floor area ratio
   155.309   Yards
   155.310   Awnings, marquees and signs; permitted when
   155.311   Awnings, marquees and signs; red, green and amber illumination prohibited
   155.312   Awnings, marquees and signs; gross area specifications
   155.313   Awnings, marquees and signs; ground signs
   155.314   Awnings, marquees and signs; projection
   155.315   Awnings, marquees and signs; advertising sign structures
   155.316   Awnings, marquees and signs; constant illumination
   155.317   Awnings, marquees and signs; time and temperature signs
   155.318   Off-street parking and loading
B2 Central Shopping District
   155.330   Purpose
   155.331   Permitted uses
   155.332   Conditional permitted uses
   155.333   Building height
   155.334   Floor area ratio
   155.335   Yards and other open areas
   155.336   Awnings, marquees and signs
   155.337   Off-street parking and loading
B3 Commercial District
   155.350   Purpose
   155.351   Permitted uses
   155.352   Conditional permitted uses
   155.353   Lot area; lot width
   155.354   Building height
   155.355   Floor area ratio
   155.356   Yards
   155.357   Awnings, marquees and signs
   155.358   Advertising or billboard signs
   155.359   Off-street parking and loading
B4 Commercial-Recreation District
   155.370   Purpose; intent
   155.371   Permitted uses
   155.372   Conditional permitted uses
   155.373   Lot area
   155.374   Lot width
   155.375   Building height
   155.376   Floor area ratio
   155.377   Yards
   155.378   Awnings, marquees and signs
   155.379   Off-street parking and loading
Manufacturing Districts
   155.390   Purpose; intent
   155.391   Prohibited uses
   155.392   Operations within enclosed buildings
   155.393   Performance standards; compliance
   155.394   Performance standards; noise
   155.395   Performance standards; vibration
   155.396   Performance standards; smoke and particulate matter
   155.397   Performance standards; toxic matter; M1 and M2 Manufacturing Districts
   155.398   Performance standards; odorous matter
   155.399   Performance standards; fire and explosion hazards
   155.400   Performance standards; glare
   155.401   Performance standards; radiation hazards
M1 Manufacturing District
   155.415   Permitted uses
   155.416   Conditional permitted uses
   155.417   Floor area ratio
   155.418   Yards
   155.419   Signs; permitted when
   155.420   Signs; awning exemptions
   155.421   Signs; constant illumination
   155.422   Signs; gross area
   155.423   Signs; placement; ground signs
   155.424   Signs; additional ground signs
   155.425   Off-street parking and loading
M2 Manufacturing District
   155.440   Permitted uses
   155.441   Conditional permitted uses
   155.442   Floor area ratio
   155.443   Yards
   155.444   Signs
   155.445   Off-street parking and loading
M3 Manufacturing District
   155.460   Permitted use
   155.461   Conditional permitted use
   155.462   Yards
   155.463   Lot area and lot width
   155.464   Floor area ratio
   155.465   Signs
   155.466   Off-street parking and off-street loading
Off-Street Parking and Off-Street Loading
     155.480   Scope of regulations; applicability
   155.481   Permissive parking and loading facilities
   155.482   Damage or destruction to conforming or nonconforming building
   155.483   Existing parking facilities
   155.484   Location of parking spaces
   155.485   Size of space
   155.486   Access of parking area
   155.487   Use of facilities; bus spaces
   155.488   Computation of fractional space requirements
   155.489   Parking in yards
   155.490   Collective provisions
   155.491   Design and maintenance; open and enclosed spaces
   155.492   Design and maintenance; surface specifications
   155.493   Design and maintenance; screening and landscaping
   155.494   Design and maintenance; lighting
   155.495   Design and maintenance; repair and service
   155.496   Control of off-site parking facilities
   155.497   Employee parking
   155.498   Required spaces
   155.499   Required spaces for other uses
   155.500   Off-street loading; provision
   155.501   Off-street loading; location
   155.502   Off-street loading; size of space
   155.503   Off-street loading; access
   155.504   Off-street loading; surfacing
   155.505   Off-street loading; repair and service
   155.506   Off-street loading; utilization
   155.507   Off-street loading; space requirements
Nonconforming Buildings, Structures and Uses
   155.520   Purpose
   155.521   Authority to continue
   155.522   Repairs and alterations; permitted when
   155.523   Additions and enlargements; prohibited; exceptions
   155.524   Moving building or structure to another location
   155.525   Restoration of damaged nonconforming buildings or structures
   155.526   Removal of building or structure
   155.527   Nonconforming use of conforming buildings or structures
   155.528   Nonconforming use of land; continuance
   155.529   Nonconforming use of land; expansion; extension
   155.530   Nonconforming use of land; discontinuance; renewal
   155.531   Nonconforming use of land; change to another nonconforming use
   155.532   Nonconforming use of land; accessory to nonconforming building
Planned Unit Development (PUD)
   155.545   Purpose; intent
   155.546   Location
   155.547   Standards; generally
   155.548   Site to be under single ownership
   155.549   Minimum size
   155.550   Uses of planned unit development
   155.551   Height of building
   155.552   Floor area ratio
   155.553   Density
   155.554   Setbacks and yards
   155.555   Parking and loading
   155.556   Traffic provisions
   155.557   Public facilities
   155.558   Common open space
   155.559   General design
   155.560   Application procedure
   155.561   Preliminary plan; application fee
   155.562   Preliminary plan; public hearing
   155.563   Preliminary plan; findings of Planning and Zoning Board
   155.564   Preliminary plan; approval by Village Board
   155.565   Preliminary plat; findings of Village Board
   155.566   Preliminary plan; status when approved
   155.567   Final plan; application for approval
   155.568   Final plan; Planning and Zoning Board review
   155.569   Final plan; approval by Village Board
   155.570   Recording of final plat
   155.571   Procedure when construction falls behind schedule
   155.572   Changes in final approved plan during development
   155.573   Occupancy of planned unit development
   155.574   Maintenance of common open space
   155.575   Applications; content
   155.576   Applications; preliminary plan stage
   155.577   Applications; final plan stage; detailed when
   155.578   Applications; final plan stage; common open space documents
   155.579   Applications; final plan stage; public facilities
   155.580   Applications; final plan stage; guarantee deposit
   155.581   Applications; final plan stage; delinquent taxes
   155.582   Applications; final plan stage; covenants
Conditional Permitted Uses
   155.595   Purpose
   155.596   Authority to propose
   155.597   Processing of application
   155.598   Decisions; Village Board authority; protest
   155.599   Buildings with more than two and one-half stories
   155.610   Authority; public hearing
   155.611   Application; who may apply
   155.612   Application; filing; notice of hearing
   155.613   Standards; criteria for recommendation
   155.614   Issuance conditions
   155.625   Permitted when; public hearing
   155.626   Proposal authority
   155.627   Processing; application
   155.628   Decisions
   155.640   Fees designated
   155.655   Scope
   155.656   Application
   155.657   Stay of proceedings
   155.658   Hearing
Administration; Enforcement
   155.670   Organization
   155.671   Zoning Officer
   155.672   Planning and Zoning Board; creation
   155.673   Planning and Zoning Board; membership; term
   155.674   Planning and Zoning Board; jurisdiction
   155.675   Planning and Zoning Board; meetings; rules
Adult Businesses
   155.690   Definitions
   155.691   Adult businesses enumerated
   155.692   Limitations on adult businesses
   155.693   License required
   155.694   Application; fee
   155.695   Contents of application for license
   155.696   Accompaniments to the application
   155.697   Suspension or revocation of license for adult business
   155.698   Effective date
Adult-Use Recreational Cannabis
   155.710   Definitions
   155.711   Standards; criteria for recommendation
   155.712   Conditions on approval
   155.713   Adult-use cannabis prohibited uses
   155.714   Co-location of cannabis business establishments
Solar Energy Systems
   155.725   Large solar energy systems
   155.726   Roof mounted solar energy systems
   155.727   Pole mounted solar energy systems
   155.980   Enforcement authority
   155.999   Penalty
Editor’s note:
   Ordinance 1999-2 adopted a comprehensive building, subdivision and zoning code, split into Chs. 151, 154 and 155.