(A)   A final land use and zoning plat, suitable for recording with the County Recorder of Deeds shall be prepared. The purpose of the planned unit development plat is to designate with particularity the land subdivided into conventional lots as well as the division of other lands not so treated into common open areas and building areas, and to designate and limit the specific internal uses of each building or structure, as well as the land in general. 
   (B)   The final planned unit development plat shall include but not be limited to:
      (1)   An accurate legal description of the entire area under immediate development within the planned unit development;
      (2)   If subdivided lands are included in the planned unit development, a subdivision plat of all subdivided lands in the same form and meeting all the requirements of a normal subdivision plat;
      (3)   An accurate legal description of each separate unsubdivided use area, including common open space;
      (4)   Designation of the exact location of all buildings to be constructed and a designation of the specific internal uses to which each building shall be put, and a street numbering designation shall be furnished for each building;
      (5)   Certificates, seals and signatures required for the dedication of land, and recording the document; and
      (6)   Tabulations on each separate unsubdivided use area, including land area, number of buildings and number of dwelling units per acre.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 22, subs. .330, passed 2-15-1999)