The proposed site development plan, together with the required statement of supplementary information hereinabove specified shall be studied by the Planning and Zoning Board and the Board shall determine whether the proposed site development plan meets the following specified conditions.
   (A)   Such site development plan shall be laid out and developed as a unit, in accordance with an integrated overall design.
   (B)   The location and arrangement for buildings, parking areas, walks, lighting and appurtenant facilities shall be adjusted to the surrounding land uses and any part of the site not used for buildings or other structures, or for parking, or for roads or accessways, or recreation purposes, shall be landscaped with grass, trees and shrubs.
   (C)   No signs or displays or advertising of merchandise for sale or services offered in service shops shall be visible from outside of the building or in the open area.
   (D)   Reasonable additional requirements as to landscaping, lighting, screening, accessways, building setbacks and other site standards may be imposed by the Planning and Zoning Board for the protection of all residential property. Sanitary conditions as influenced by topography and drainage factors shall be controlled so as to prevent the unhealthy accumulation of waters, natural or waste, upon the site.
   (E)   The Planning and Zoning Board shall determine that the proposed site development plan is consistent with good planning practice, consistent with good site planning, can be operated in a manner that is not detrimental to permitted uses in the surrounding area and is designed to promote the general welfare of the village.
   (F)   Additions, alterations and expansions of mobile homes and travel trailers shall be completed with fire resistant materials and be in compliance with existing municipal building codes.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 10, subs. .700, passed 2-15-1999)