§ 155.309  YARDS.
   (A)   Exterior boundary yards.  Where property located within the B1 District abuts streets, railroads, residence districts or manufacturing districts, the following shall be provided:
      (1)   Along a street right-of-way, not less than 80 feet except that the area extending from the yard line to within 15 feet of the street right-of-way may be occupied by drives, vehicular parking, sidewalks, landscaping and similar facilities (all area between the street right-of-way and yard line which is not occupied by such facilities, including the 15 feet adjoining the street right-of-way, shall be appropriately landscaped);
      (2)   Along railroad rights-of-way or other business districts, not less than ten feet;
      (3)   Along manufacturing districts, not less than 20 feet; and
      (4)   Along residence district boundaries, not less than 35 feet which shall be maintained as landscaped area.
   (B)   Interior yards.  No other yards are required; however, if a yard is provided, it shall be not less than ten feet in width.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 12, subs. .050, passed 2-15-1999)