Where uncertainty exists with respect to the boundaries of the various zoning districts as shown on the zoning district map, the following rules apply.
   (A)   A zoning district boundary line following a street, railroad right-of-way, waterway or extension thereof shall be construed to be the centerline of such street, railroad right-of-way, waterway or extension.
   (B)   Where the zoning district boundaries are not otherwise indicated and where the property has been or may hereafter be divided into blocks and lots, the district boundaries shall be construed to be the lot lines, unless the boundaries are otherwise indicated on the map. Within unsubdivided property, the district boundary lines on the zoning district map shall be in accordance with dimensions as designated on that map.
   (C)   Where a zoning district boundary line divides a lot in single ownership, the regulations of this chapter for either portion of the lot may, at the owner’s discretion, apply to the entire area of the lot or 25 feet beyond the zoning district boundary line, whichever is the lesser distance.
   (D)   Questions concerning the exact locations of zoning district boundary lines shall be resolved by the Village Board.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 4, subs. .030, passed 2-15-1999)