(A)   For land fills, public or private, including sanitary landfills and dry waste dumps, application for a conditional use permit shall also include an agreement between the village and the operator of the landfill, binding the operator and his, her or their successors to comply with scope and method of operation in accordance with standards and specifications set forth therein. A bond, other security or guarantee in the form required by the Village Board shall be filed with the village in the amount established by the Village Board to cover the estimated cost of improvements to the landfill area upon completion of filling operations. The above-mentioned bond shall not apply to a public body. No landfill shall exceed an area of 40 acres in size, nor shall any landfill exceed a height of ten feet above existing grade;
   (B)   Storage and utilization of flammable liquids or materials which produce flammable or explosive vapors or gases exceeding the total capacity permitted in the M3 District;
   (C)   Mining, loading and hauling of coal, clay, sand, gravel, topsoil or other aggregate or minerals, and oil or gas well drilling, including equipment, buildings or structures, for screening, crashing, mixing, washing or storage;
   (D)   Soil and water conservation, nature and wildlife preserves, and private outdoor recreational areas for lot owners and their guests on a lot not less than ten acres in area, provided no buildings or structures are located less than 200 feet from a lot line;
   (E)   Automobile wrecking yards and junkyards, providing they are screened by a solid wall or uniformly painted solid fence at least 12 feet high; and
   (F)   Landscape composing operations as defined in the State Environmental Protection Act; provided that any necessary permits required by the Environmental Protection Act be obtained prior to commencing any such operations; and
   (G)   Large solar energy system.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 19, subs. .020, passed 2-15-1999; Ord. 2020-05, passed 9-21-2020)