Temporary signs for unified housing developments are permitted in accordance with the following.
   (A)   In a unified housing development containing more than 12 dwelling units, initially under single ownership or control, one sign may be erected along each street frontage of the development.
   (B)   Such sign may be a ground sign or be attached to a building, and it shall contain not more than 180 square feet of gross surface area provided that such sign:
      (1)   May be illuminated with non-flashing illumination, provided direct rays of light are not beamed onto adjacent lots or streets;
      (2)   Shall not project higher than 30 feet above grade;
      (3)   Shall not be located nearer than 15 feet from a property line abutting a street, except it shall not be nearer than 50 feet from the lot corner formed by the intersection of any two street right-of-way lines and no nearer than 20 feet from a lot line of an adjacent lot; and
      (4)   Shall be removed within three months after completion of construction of the development, or one year after the first dwelling unit is occupied, whichever is sooner.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 5, subs. .050, passed 2-15-1999)