§ 155.545  PURPOSE; INTENT.
   (A)   The purpose of the planned unit development is to permit:
      (1)   Variety and flexibility in land development that is necessary to meet changes in technology and demand that will be consistent with the best interests of the entire village;
      (2)   The allocation, maintenance and permanent preservation of common open space and recreation areas and facilities;
      (3)   A maximum choice in the types of environment available to the public by allowing a development that would not be possible under the strict application of the other sections of this chapter;
      (4)   A pattern of development to preserve natural vegetation, topographic and geologic features;
      (5)   A creative approach to the use of land and related physical facilities that results in better development and design and the construction of aesthetic amenities;
      (6)   An efficient use of the land resulting in more economic networks of utilities, streets, schools, public grounds and buildings and other facilities;
      (7)   A land use which promotes the public health, safety comfort, morals and welfare; and
      (8)   Innovations in residential, commercial and industrial development so that growing demands of the population may be met by greater variety in type, design and layout of buildings and by the conservation and more efficient use of open space ancillary to the buildings.
   (B)   The planned unit development is intended to provide for developments incorporating a single type or a variety of related uses which are planned and developed as a unit. Such development may consist of conventionally subdivided lots or provide for development by a planned unit development plat in keeping with the purpose of the plan.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 22, subs. .010, passed 2-15-1999)