One advertising sign structure may be erected on each street frontage of a lot, providing that the full face of the sign can be viewed along the line of travel to which it is exposed for a distance of at least 250 feet along the centerline of the frontage street measured from a point opposite the center of the sign and perpendicular to the street’s centerline and provided the following standards are adhered to:
   (A)   Each advertising sign structure shall contain not more than two display surfaces and have a total length and height of not more than such dimension necessary to secure two standardized poster panel display surfaces 15 feet by 25 feet or a standardized painted bulletin display surface 15 feet by 55 feet, except that advertising signs located along interstate highways may be increased in size, but the overall display surface shall not exceed 1,600 square feet;
   (B)   Each advertising sign shall be located not closer to the abutting street or highway than the minimum setback requirements of the prevailing district and not less than 100 feet from the nearest property line of a residence or institutional building;
   (C)   Roof signs are not permitted, except that signs on roofs which are normally required for aviation direction or safety are permitted; and
   (D)   Signs shall be designed and constructed to withstand wind pressures of not less than 30 pounds per square foot.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 12, subs. .110, passed 2-15-1999)