(A)   Advertising or billboard signs shall be a conditionally permitted use only in a B3 Commercial Zoning District, provided that such signs have no moving parts, and shall also conform with the following additional regulations.
      (1)   Spacing. No advertising or billboard sign shall be located nearer than 3,000 feet from another advertising or billboard sign.
      (2)   Area.  Each advertising or billboard sign shall not have more than two display surfaces (one on each side) nor shall the surface area of each panel exceed 800 square feet for each such display surface.
      (3)   Location.  No advertising or billboard sign shall be nearer than 50 feet from the lot line, nor nearer than 100 feet from a residential district boundary line. No part of the sign structure, including the overhang, shall be located on a state or village right-of-way.
      (4)   Illumination.
         (a)   Advertising or billboard signs may have constant illumination, provided direct rays of light shall not beam upon any existing dwelling, nor into a residential district or into a street. All lighting shall be located at the bottom of the sign panel and shall be directed upward. No lighting shall be directed in a downward direction. No rotating light or beacon resembling an emergency light shall be used.
         (b)   An advertising or billboard sign where the time and/or temperature is indicated by intermittent lighting shall not be deemed to be a flashing sign if the lighting changes are limited to the numerals indicating the time and/or temperature and are not more frequent than ten seconds.
      (5)   Height.  No advertising or billboard sign shall have an overall sign panel height of not less than 30 feet and not greater than 60 feet.
      (6)   Electric service.  Any electric service line which supplies power to an advertising or billboard sign shall be placed in rigid metal conduit and shall otherwise comply with the Village Building Code and National Electrical Code.
   (B)   All advertising or billboard signs shall require the issuance of a village building permit prior to initiating construction and shall also be subject to building inspections. All advertising or billboard signs located along a state right-of-way shall also require the issuance of a sign permit from the State Department of Transportation.
   (C)   Any other regulations in this Village Zoning Code which allows an advertising or billboard sign in any other zoning district other than a B3 Commercial District are hereby repealed. Advertising or billboard signs shall only be allowed as a conditional permitted use in a B3 Commercial Zoning District.
(Ord. 2006-7, passed 6-19-2006)