(A)   Each mobile home lot shall be provided with an approved disconnecting device and over current protective equipment. The minimum service per outlet shall be 120/240 volts AC, 50 amperes.
   (B)   Receptacles, if provided, shall be in accordance with American Standard Outlet Receptacle C-73.1.
   (C)   Outlets (receptacles or pressure connectors) shall be housed in a weatherproof outlet box, and shall be located not more than 25 feet from the over current protective device in the mobile home. A three-pole, four-wire grounding type shall be used.
   (D)   Connectors, if not substituted by more than one receptacle, shall be provided where the calculated load of the mobile home is more than 50 amperes.
   (E)   The mobile home shall be connected to the outlet box by an approved type of flexible supply cord with a male attachment plug or with pressure connectors.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 10, subs. .300, passed 2-15-1999)