(A)   An application for final plan approval may be filed for all the land included in a plan or for a section thereof. The application shall be filed with the Secretary of the Planning and Zoning Board within 180 days (or such time) after approval of the preliminary plan. The application shall include such drawings, specifications, covenants, easements and conditions and form of bond as were set forth by resolution at the time of preliminary approval and as specified in §§ 155.577 through 155.582. In accordance with the schedule proposed in the application for preliminary approval, the landowner may elect to have final approval of only a geographic section or sections of the land included in the plan and may delay, within the time authorized by the resolution, application for final approval of other sections.
   (B)   The final plan shall be approved as the final land use and zoning plat if it conforms with the previously approved preliminary plan. The preliminary and final plan may be filed and approved simultaneously if all requirements of this chapter are met.
   (C)   The final plan for the planned unit development, including plats and other data, shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Board and shall comply fully with the provisions of §§ 155.577 through 155.582. All final plans shall be accompanied by a written construction schedule of the developer, such schedule not to exceed a period of five years. If the development period in fact exceeds five years, the village may revoke approval of the planned unit development and initiate such zoning changes as it deems necessary to preserve the public interest. Final plats and supporting data shall show in detail the design, location and internal use of all buildings and overall land development as well as such additional information as the Village Board and Planning and Zoning Board may require.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 22, subs. .230, passed 2-15-1999)