Yards and other open area requirements shall be:
   (A)   Front.  No yard requirements;
   (B)   Side.  No yard requirements; except if a yard is provided, it shall not be less than five feet in width;
   (C)   Rear.  No yard requirements; except where the rear lot line adjoins a residence district, a rear yard not less than 25 feet in depth shall be provided, and be maintained as landscaped area; and
   (D)   Open areas.  An area equivalent to 10% of the area of the lot shall be maintained as public open area. Such open area shall:
      (1)   Have frontage on all or a part of a lot line adjoining a street, but not less than ten feet along such frontage;
      (2)   Be unobstructed from the ground to the sky, except an open area having a depth of not greater than 25 feet in back of the lot line adjoining a street may be unobstructed from the ground to not less than the height of the floor of the second story of the building; and
      (3)   Be paved for pedestrian use or landscaped.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 13, subs. .060, passed 2-15-1999)