(A)   All portions of the structure shall be properly protected from damage by ordinary uses and by decay, corrosion, termites and other destructive elements. Exterior portions shall be of such materials and be so constructed and protected as to prevent entrance or penetration of moisture and weather in conformance with the Village Building Code.
   (B)   Toilets shall be located in separate compartments equipped with self-closing doors. Shower stalls shall be of the individual type. The rooms shall be screened to prevent direct view of the interior when the exterior doors are open.
   (C)   Hot and cold water shall be furnished to every lavatory, sink, bathtub, shower and laundry fixture, and cold water shall be furnished to every water closet and urinal.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 10, subs. .340, passed 2-15-1999)