§ 155.351  PERMITTED USES. 
   Permitted uses in the B3 District are:
   (A)   Any of the permitted uses in the B2 District;
   (B)   Amusement establishments, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, swimming pools, ice skating rinks and other recreation uses as approved by the Village Board;
   (C)   Animal hospital;
   (D)   Auction rooms;
   (E)   Automobile accessory stores;
   (F)   Automobile sales establishments;
   (G)   Automobile service stations on a lot not less than 10,000 square feet in area;
   (H)   Bakeries, including sale of bakery products to restaurants, clubs, hotels, institutions and similar establishments;
   (I)   Banks and other financial establishments, excluding drive-in facilities;
   (J)   Blueprinting and photostating establishments;
   (K)   Boat sales and service establishments;
   (L)   Building material sales with outdoor storage, when the area for outside storage is completely surrounded by a uniformly painted solid fence or wall not over eight feet in height and no storage shall project higher than the height of the fence or wall;
   (M)   Car wash facility on a lot not less than 20,000 square feet in area and not less than 100 feet in width;
   (N)   Catering establishments;
   (O)   Clothing and costume rental stores;
   (P)   Clubs or lodges, private, fraternal or religious;
   (Q)   Contractors’ offices and shops;
   (R)   Dry cleaning and laundry establishments;
   (S)   Farm implement sales and display and construction equipment sales;
   (T)   Feed stores;
   (U)   Fraternal, philanthropic and eleemosynary institutions;
   (V)   Frozen food lockers;
   (W)   Fuel and ice retail sales establishments with outside storage, provided liquid fuels are stored in underground tanks;
   (X)   Garages, storage or off-street parking lots and structures, commercial;
   (Y)   Garages, including painting, body and fender work and motor rebuilding;
   (Z)   Greenhouses, garden centers and nurseries, retail and wholesale sales;
   (AA)   Highway maintenance shops and yards;
   (BB)   Household appliances stores and repair shops;
   (CC)   Linen, towel or diaper service establishments;
   (DD)   Live bait stores;
   (EE)   Machinery and equipment sales establishments;
   (FF)   Machine, sheet metal or welding shops, provided a building for such a use shall contain not more than 5,000 square feet of floor area, and operations are within the enclosed building, and glare from welding operations is not visible from outside the building;
   (GG)   Mail order houses, order and service centers;
   (HH)   Meat markets, including sale of meats to restaurants, clubs, hotels, institutions and similar establishments;
   (II)   Meeting halls, convention or exhibition halls;
   (JJ)   Mobile homes and trailer sales establishments;
   (KK)   Model homes or garage display and sales;
   (LL)   Monument sales;
   (MM)   Motels and hotels;
   (NN)   Motor vehicle sales establishments;
   (OO)   Newspaper distribution agencies, for home delivery and retail trade;
   (PP)   Newspaper offices, including printing;
   (QQ)   Offices, general;
   (RR)   Open sales lots;
   (SS)   Packing and crating establishments;
   (TT)   Parcel delivery stations;
   (UU)   Parks, athletic fields and stadiums;
   (VV)   Pet shops;
   (WW)   Plumbing, electrical or heating, fixture and equipment, sales, service and repair establishments;
   (XX)   Printing, publishing or lithography establishments, maximum gross floor area of 6,000 square feet;
   (YY)   Public utility and governmental service uses;
   (ZZ)   Research laboratories;
   (AAA)   Residential structures existing on the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter;
   (BBB)   Restaurants, including entertainment and serving of alcoholic beverages;
   (CCC)   Schools, commercial or trade, including those teaching music, dancing, business or technical subjects;
   (DDD)   Secondhand stores and rummage shops;
   (EEE)   Taxidermists;
   (FFF)   Theaters, but not including outdoor theaters;
   (GGG)   Taverns;
   (HHH)   Training centers, engineering or sales;
   (III)   Undertaking establishments and funeral parlors;
   (JJJ)   Wholesale and warehouse establishments, except for the sales or storage of flammable liquids, materials or gases, except those that are in the original sealed containers; and
   (KKK)   Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above permitted uses, including but not limited to off-street parking, off-street loading and business signs as regulated by this chapter.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 14, subs. .020, passed 2-15-1999)