§ 155.306  PERMITTED USES.
   Permitted uses in the B1 Business District are:
   (A)   Antique shops;
   (B)   Art and school supply stores;
   (C)   Bakeries, retail sales where not more than 50% of the floor area may be devoted to processing of goods, and goods so processed shall be sold only on the premises;
   (D)   Banks and financial institutions;
   (E)   Barbershops and beauty parlors;
   (F)   Bookstores;
   (G)   Camera and photographic supply stores;
   (H)   Candy and ice cream stores;
   (I)   Carpet and rug stores;
   (J)   Catalogue sales office;
   (K)   Clothes pressing establishments;
   (L)   Clothing stores;
   (M)   Clubs or lodges, private, fraternal or religious;
   (N)   Drugstores;
   (O)   Dry-cleaning and laundry receiving stations, including self-service coin-operated equipment;
   (P)   Dwelling units when located above the ground floor;
   (Q)   Flower shops;
   (R)   Food stores, meat and fish markets, and delicatessens;
   (S)   Furniture stores;
   (T)   Furrier shops;
   (U)   Garden supply store;
   (V)   Gift shops;
   (W)   Grocery store or supermarket;
   (X)   Hardware stores;
   (Y)   Hobby shops for retailing of items to be assembled or used away from the premises;
   (Z)   Household appliance stores, including radio and television sales with incidental repair facilities;
   (AA)   Interior decorating shops, including upholstery and making of draperies, slipcovers, and other similar articles when conducted as part of the retail operations and secondary to the principal use;
   (BB)   Investment institutions;
   (CC)   Jewelry stores;
   (DD)   Launderettes and hand laundries;
   (EE)   Leather goods and luggage stores;
   (FF)   Library;
   (GG)   Liquor stores, package;
   (HH)   Loan offices;
   (II)   Locksmith shops;
   (JJ)   Medical and dental clinics, including laboratories incidental thereto;
   (KK)   Millinery shops;
   (LL)   Musical instrument sales and repair;
   (MM)   Music stores, photographs, photograph records and sheet music;
   (NN)   Newspaper offices, not including printing;
   (OO)   Newsstands;
   (PP)   Offices, professional, business, public or institutional;
   (QQ)   Paint and wallpaper stores;
   (RR)   Photography studios, including developing and printing of photographs when conducted on the premises as part of the retail business;
   (SS)   Post offices;
   (TT)   Restaurants, which may include accessory cocktail lounges when the restaurant has facilities for serving 50 or more persons at the same time;
   (UU)   Shoe stores;
   (VV)   Shoe and hat repair stores;
   (WW)   Sporting good stores;
   (XX)   Tailor shops;
   (YY)   Telephone booths;
   (ZZ)   Temporary buildings for construction purposes, for a period not to exceed the duration of such construction;
   (AAA)   Toy stores;
   (BBB)   Variety stores;
   (CCC)   Vending machines; and
   (DDD)   Accessory uses to the above permitted uses, including but not limited to off-street parking, off-street loading, and awnings, marquees and business signs as regulated by this chapter.
   (EEE)   Tavern;
   (FFF)   Restaurant, where the principal business is serving food; and
   (GGG)   A combination of both a tavern and restaurant.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 12, subs. .020, passed 2-15-1999; Ord. 2020-04, passed 7-20-2020)