The applicant shall file with the Planning and Zoning Board a site development plan and a supplementary statement containing the following information:
   (A)   The name and address of the applicant, the owner, partners, corporate officers (including present and last occupation), the engineer/surveyor preparing the plat, and of the person proposed to supervise the facility;
   (B)   The location and legal description of the tract, the boundary lines, their bearings and distance, a small sketch indicating the general vicinity, location of adjoining streets and its relationship to the general area;
   (C)   The arrangement of lots in relation to each other and interior streets; plans and specifications of existing and proposed buildings;
   (D)   Improvement plans, cross-sections and profiles for all utilities, sewerage, streets, garbage and waste disposal, fire protection, lighting, and parking areas proposed to be installed;
   (E)   Date, north point, scale not greater than 200 feet to the inch and gross and net acreage;
   (F)   Freedom of the site from objectionable smoke, noxious odors and unusual noise;
   (G)   Suitability of the site for the purpose intended insofar as soil, ground water level, drainage and topography are concerned;
   (H)   Contour of five-foot intervals or less, if required;
   (I)   Proposed and existing facilities for a sanitary community building, where needed, including a description of toilets, urinals, sinks, wash basins, slop sinks, showers and drains; and
   (J)   Calendar months during which the applicant will operate the mobile home park subdivision or travel trailer transient park.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 10, subs. .660, passed 2-15-1999)