§ 155.415  PERMITTED USES.
   Permitted uses in the M1 Manufacturing District shall be as follows:
   (A)   Any establishment, the principal use of which is manufacturing, fabricating, processing, assembling, disassembling, repairing, cleaning, servicing, testing, loading or storing of materials, products and goods except for materials, products and goods which are flammable or explosive, and provided that the operations conform with the performance standards and other general requirements applicable to an M1 District. This division (A) shall not apply to any building, structure or use which existed lawfully at the time of the adoption of the ordinance codified in this section;
   (B)   Agriculture;
   (C)   Building;
   (D)   Contractors’ offices and shops;
   (E)   Dwelling units for watchmen and operating personnel and their families when the nature of operations requires such personnel to reside on the premises where they are employed;
   (F)   Fuel and ice retail sales and storage;
   (G)   Greenhouses, including retail and wholesale sales of plants and products;
   (H)   Laundries;
   (I)   Mail order houses;
   (J)   Monument establishments, including accessory open sales lots;
   (K)   Offices, general, private, semipublic or public;
   (L)   Parking lots and storage garages;
   (M)   Printing and publishing establishments;
   (N)   Public open space;
   (O)   Public utility, governmental service and similar uses as follows:
      (1)   Bus transit facilities, including shelters, passenger stations, parking areas and service buildings;
      (2)   Electric distribution centers and substations;
      (3)   Compressor stations, wellhead stations, well separators and other similar above-ground facilities customarily used for the distribution of natural gas as a part of the operations of a public utility company;
      (4)   Gas regulator stations;
      (5)   Public utility and governmental service establishments, including offices, storing, testing, repairing and servicing;
      (6)   Railroad rights-of-way and passenger stations;
      (7)   Telephone exchanges, microwave relay towers and telephone transmission equipment and other such service buildings (no limit on height of towers); and
      (8)   Water filtration plants, pumping stations and reservoirs, and sewage treatment plants and lift stations, public or community.
   (P)   Research laboratories;
   (Q)   Schools, commercial or trade;
   (R)   Training centers, engineering or sales;
   (S)   Warehouses;
   (T)   Wholesale establishments; and
   (U)   Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above permitted uses, including but not limited to the following:
      (1)   Off-street parking;
      (2)   Off-street loading; and
      (3)   Awnings, marquees and business signs as regulated herein.
(Ord. 1999-2, Zoning § 17, subs. .010, passed 2-15-1999)