Pursuant to the provisions of MCLA § 117.3(k), the 2006 International Fire Code as published by the International Code Council, Inc., except such portions as are hereinafter deleted, modified or amended, together with such City of Flint administrative amendments to the 2006 International Fire Code, as may be adopted by the City Council from time to time and filed with the City Clerk’s office for public inspection, are hereby adopted by reference to provide for the prevention of fires and the protection of persons and property from exposure to the dangers of fire and explosion.
(Ord. 2360, passed 8-28-1972; Ord. 2687, passed 1-8-1979; Ord. 2830, passed 4-26-1982; Ord. 2949, passed 5-13-1985; Ord. 3056, passed 5-9-1988; Ord. 3378, passed 7-27-1998; Ord. 3711, passed 5-12-2008)