Any person licensed under this article shall burn all combustibles upon the dumping ground in the following manner, except as otherwise provided; and except, that no burning of combustibles shall be permitted on the first day of the week commonly called Sunday.
   (a)   Beginning January 1, 1963 and thereafter there shall be no open burning of combustibles, except flammable liquids upon the dumping grounds. Incinerators used for the burning of combustibles on the dumping grounds may be of any type approved by the Director of Public Health of the City.
   (b)   No burned material shall be commingled with other material on the dumping ground unless all fires in the former have been thoroughly extinguished. No fire or any part thereof, including the ashes, shall be moved after burning until and unless all fire shall have been completely extinguished.
   (c)   No fire shall be ignited or permitted to burn unless an employee or attendant is present on the dumping ground.
   (d)   No rubber shall be burned.
(Ord. 1045, passed 10-20-1952; Ord. 1684, passed 7-23-1962; Ord. 2004, passed 10-2-1967)