(a)   Officers, employees and other individuals employed by and in the service of the City who are authorized by State law and Flint City Code § 1-8 and § 1-9 to enforce the provisions of this Code, are hereby specifically authorized in accordance with State law, to issue and serve upon a person an appearance ticket. This authorization is contingent upon the authorizing person having reasonable cause to believe that a person has committed a violation of this Code. This authorization is not granted where the issuance of such an appearance ticket is expressly prohibited by the provisions of this Code or applicable State law.
   (b)   An “appearance ticket” as that term is used in subsection (a) means a complaint, municipal civil infraction or written notice issued and subscribed by a police officer or other authorized person as defined in subsection (a) which directs a person to appear in the local District Court at a designated future date and time in connection with the alleged commission of a violation of this Code for which the maximum permissible penalty does not exceed ninety-three (93) days in jail and/or a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00). The appearance ticket shall be numbered consecutively, be in such form authorized by the State Court Administrator and shall consist of the following parts:
      (1)   The original, which shall be a complaint or notice to appear by the authorized person, shall be filed with the court;
      (2)   The first copy shall be an abstract of court records retained by the court;
      (3)   The second copy shall be retained by the appropriate local enforcement agency;
      (4)   The third copy shall be issued to the alleged violator.
   (c)   With the prior approval of the State Court Administrator, the appearance ticket may be appropriately modified as to content or number of copies to accommodate the law enforcement agency and local court procedures and practices.
(Ord. 3285, passed 11-28-1994; Ord. 3535, passed 6-9-2004)