The City Council finds:
   (a)   That numerous City employees are assigned to appear before block clubs and other community groups as part of their official duties;
   (b)   That the existence of these official duties does not restrict the rights of the employees to engage in political activity;
   (c)   That the members of the public are entitled to know on each occasion whether the employee is acting as part of his or her official duties or in a private capacity;
   (d)   That the confusion between official duties and private activities can cause a loss of public confidence in the representatives of the City;
   (e)   That it is the responsibility of the employee to make clear the role he or she is performing;
   (f)   And hat the employee may obtain guidance from the Standards of Conduct Board whenever questions of interpretation of this ordinance and other laws arise.
(Ord. 2856, passed 10-11-1982)