(a)   Pursuant to §§ 1-7 and 1-8 ordinance enforcement officers may be appointed for purposes of carrying out the duties and responsibilities specified in this Code for authorized persons charged with the enforcement of this Code.
   (b)   An appointed ordinance enforcement officer is authorized to enforce all provisions of this Code, whether or not any particular provision specifies or designates a different enforcing official. Where a particular officer is designated in any Code provision, that officer’s authority shall continue in full force and effect, and shall not be diminished or impaired by the terms of this section, and the authority of the ordinance enforcement officer shall be in addition and supplementary to the authority granted to such other specific officer.
   (c)   The ordinance enforcement officer’s duties shall include the following: investigation of Code violations; issuance and service of municipal ordinance violation notices and municipal civil infraction citations and municipal civil infraction violation notices; appearance in court or other judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings in the administration of this Code.
(Ord. 3285, adopted 11-28-1994; Ord. 3539, passed 6-9-2004)