When an employee shall have been placed in a different pay level by reason of reclassification or reallocation of his or her position, in the event the reclassification or reallocation results in a decrease in compensation, the reclassification or reallocation shall be effective at the beginning of the first full pay period following the date of change in classification or reallocation. In the event the reclassification results in an increase in compensation, the increase in compensation shall be paid at the beginning of the pay period in which the change is made if the change falls during the first week of the pay period. If the change falls during the second week of a pay period, the increase will be paid with the beginning of the next pay period. Provided, however, the increase may be paid at the outset of the next fiscal year, retroactively, at the discretion of the appropriate fiscal officer. It shall be the duty of the Personnel Director to forthwith notify the appropriate fiscal officer of all such changes and the effective date of the changes.
(Ord. 1981, passed 8-4-1967; Ord. 2583, passed 1-17-1977; Ord. 2699, passed 2-26-1979)