Any beneficiary or claimant of benefits shall be required in applying for the benefits to make full and complete disclosure as to all physicians and others from whom he or she has received medical treatment, attention or examination with respect to any injury or disease to a member involved in any claim which may have relation to the claim for benefits, and similarly, shall make further disclosure as to all hospitals or institutions at which the member may have received any treatment or examination within a reasonable time, to be determined by the Board of Trustees, prior to the application. The beneficiaries or claimants in the application shall likewise execute a full and complete waiver of any privilege with respect to any such records, treatments or examinations that might otherwise accrue to the applicant or member. The member or applicant shall, in addition, expressly consent that any person, professional or otherwise, having knowledge of the condition of the member, or the facts concerning the claim, may testify. In the event that any applicant or member shall refuse to execute the waiver and consent, or shall refuse to permit the production of the testimony or records, or shall conceal the existence of the evidence from the Board of Trustees, he or she shall thereupon forfeit any right to any benefit under the retirement system, excepting for a refund of his or her membership contribution computed as otherwise provided in this chapter. All applications for benefits shall be executed under the oath of the applicant.
(Ord. 1860, passed 8-16-1965)