(a)   The salaries, wages and compensation to be paid by the City for various types of services shall be in accordance with the schedules from time to time adopted by the City Council and on file in the City Clerk’s office. Except as herein or hereafter otherwise expressly provided, the salaries, wages and compensation shall be paid from and after July 1, 1970.
   (b)   The annual rates set forth in such schedules shall be converted to hourly rates in accordance with the provisions relating thereto contained in § 35-98 of this chapter, and shall be paid on a biweekly basis, not to exceed the rates as set forth in the schedules.
   (c)   The City, through various agents, has and is negotiating with recognized bargaining agents for its employees, in pursuance of the Public Employees Relation Act, being Act 336 of the Public Acts of 1965, being MSA §§ 32.223 and 32.224, as amended, certain contracts providing for compensation and other terms and conditions of employment. The contracts which have been negotiated and are reduced to writing may and the same shall be executed by the appropriate City officials. The contracts, which either are in the process of negotiation or will be negotiated in the future, shall be executed by the appropriate City officials. The contracts, notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter or any other ordinance of the City or the Charter of the City, shall determine the compensation and other benefits provided therein for employees of the City who are members of the bargaining units for which the contracts were negotiated. The contracts are hereby directed to be filed with the appropriate officials as a public records and are hereby adopted by reference as a part of this Code.
(Ord. 1981, passed 8-4-1967; Ord. 2075, passed 8-26-1968; Ord. 2261, passed 4-19-1971)