(a)   A PART-TIME EMPLOYEE is defined as one who at the time of employment and thereafter, is scheduled to work less than a normal workweek as defined in § 35-71. Part-time employees shall be compensated for the number of hours worked at an hourly rate computed in accordance with § 35-98, for the level to which their position is allocated. Part-time employees shall be placed in the step to which their presently credited accrued service entitles them and shall accumulate, for the purpose of advances in such steps, credit for all hours worked from and after the effective date of this section.
   (b)   A part-time employee who shifts to full-time employment shall for the purposes of determining the step in the schedule at which he or she is to be compensated, have the total accrued hours worked during his or her previous continuous employment with the City computed as of the date he or she commences full-time employment. A new anniversary date based on the total number of accrued hours as of the date full-time employment commences shall be established for further advancement in the schedule.
(Ord. 1981, passed 8-4-1967; Ord. 2075, passed 8-26-1968; Ord. 2261, passed 4-19-1971; Ord. 2583, passed 1-17-1977)