(a)   Employees allocated to level 22B or below, who work in excess of eight hours in any one 20-hour period or anytime in excess of 40 hours during a calendar week, shall be paid overtime rates for such excess. The following leave days shall be considered as time worked for the purpose of computing overtime:
      (1)   Sick leave;
      (2)   Annual leave;
      (3)   Bereavement leave; and
      (4)   Leave for jury duty.
   (b)   Time spent by employees in court under subpoena as a result of their employment shall be considered as time worked. All subpoena fees and mileage received shall be paid to their supervisor, who shall in turn deposit the money with the appropriate fiscal officer.
   (c)   All work over the normal workweek must be approved in writing by the department head before being allowed. Overtime rates as herein provided shall be compensation at the rate of one and one-half times that provided for straight time.
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