(a)   School crossing guards shall be entitled only to the pay and benefits provided by this section.
   (b)   The hourly rate for school crossing guards effective August 23, 1993, shall be as follows:
Beginning rate
Completion of 2,080 hours
Completion of 6,240 hours
   (c)   School crossing guards participating in the City of Flint Retirement System and Medical Insurance Program on or before the effective date of this section may continue to participate on the same basis as they were participating prior to the effective date of this section. Present employees may choose at any time not to participate in these programs. Having once withdrawn from either, they shall thereafter be ineligible from further participation in those programs.
(Ord. 2892, passed 2-13-1984; Ord. 3018, passed 11-24-1986; Ord. 3255, passed 10-11-1993)