Boarding Houses, Homeless Shelters, Rehabilitation Homes, and Transitional Housing Facilities
   115.001   Definitions
   115.002   Annual license required; posting of license
   115.003   Annual application for license; investigation; fee
   115.004   Compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
   115.005   Duties of operator
   115.006   Right of entry to inspect
   115.007   Transfer of license
   115.008   Denial of application for a new license
   115.009   Revocation, suspension, or denial of the transfer of a license
   115.010   Enforcement
Horse-Drawn Carriages
   115.090   Reserved
   115.091   Permit to use public way
   115.092   Application for certificate of annual authorization to provide services
   115.093   Standards for approval of annual application
   115.094   Vehicle license and inspection sticker
   115.095   License to drive horse-drawn carriage
   115.096   Suspension or revocation of license
   115.097   Rates of fare
   115.098   Litter control
   115.099   Horse care
   115.100   Prohibited conduct
Massage Facilities
   115.170   Definitions
   115.171   License required; posting of license
   115.172   Application for license; investigation; fee
   115.173   Health and safety standards
   115.174   Duties of operator
   115.175   Right of entry to inspect
   115.176   Transfer of license
   115.177   Massage facility employee license required
   115.178   Application for massage facility employee license; investigations; fees
   115.179   Revocation of suspension of license
   115.180   Exclusions
   115.181   Advertising prohibited until licenses acquired
   115.182   Enforcement
Swimming Pools
   115.220   Definitions
   115.221   Lifeguards required; permit
   115.222   Permit qualifications; posting
   115.223   Conformity to health and sanitation regulations
   115.224   Inspections
Ground Transportation
   115.240   Definitions
   115.241   Administration; rules and regulations
   115.242   Unlawful conduct
   115.243   Application for certificate to provide service
   115.244   Standards for approval of application for certificate
   115.245   Application for drivers permit
   115.246   Standards for issuance of the annual driver’s permit
   115.247   Hospitality and safety training program
   115.248   Terms, fees and specifications of annual driver's permit
   115.249   Administration and enforcement; revocation and penalty
   115.250   Inspection sticker
   115.251   Inspection of vehicles for hire
   115.252   Cooperation with department of inspections, permits and licenses required
   115.253   Rates of fare
   115.254   Insurance or indemnity bond requirements
   115.255   Display of driver's permit
   115.256   Clean and safe condition/driver's appearance
   115.257   Driver conduct
   115.258   Cash carried by the driver
   115.259   Designation of vehicles for hire
   115.260   Use of taximeter
   115.261   Receipts
   115.262   Solicitation, acceptance and discharge of passengers
   115.263   Ground transportation service
   115.264   Manifest
   115.265   Records and reports
   115.266   Advertising
   115.267   Use of taxicab stands
   115.268   Hotel/motel service
   115.269   Temporary rules and regulations
   115.270   Ground Transportation Advisory Committee
Recreational Vehicle Communities
   115.290   Definitions
   115.291   Parking outside a recreational vehicle community; permit and fee
   115.292   Permit for recreational vehicle community; renewal
   115.293   Revocation or suspension of permit
Itinerant Vendors, Peddlers, and Solicitors
   115.350   Itinerant vendors, peddlers, and solicitors
   115.351   License required
   115.352   License application
   115.353   License application review and general standards
   115.354   License revocation or suspension
   115.355   Permit required for public place stationary vending
   115.356   Health regulations
   115.357   Stationary vendor standards
   115.358   Mobile vendor standards
   115.359   Peddler standards
   115.360   Authority to sell and unauthorized use of a registered trademark
   115.361   Appeals
   115.362   Severability
Convenience Store Security
   115.400   Short title
   115.401   Definitions
   115.402   Regulations
   115.403   Enforcement
Private Tow Operators
   115.450   Definitions
   115.451   Licensure requirements; fees
   115.452   License suspension or revocation
   115.453   Removal of vehicles from private parking lots by private tow operators; fee limits
   115.454   Signs on parking lots required before vehicles may be towed
   115.455   Parking lot owner’s authorization for towing required
   115.456   Notification to police, Kentucky transportation cabinet and registered owner required
   115.457   Storage yard requirements
   115.458   Rebates to lot owners prohibited
   115.459   Tows violating ordinance; no fees allowed
   115.460   Exemptions from towing for emergency vehicles
   115.461   Enforcement; penalties
Amusement Machines
   115.500   Definitions
   115.501   License fee
   115.502   Responsibility of agents
   115.503   Gambling prohibited
   115.504   Confiscation
Short Term Rentals
   115.515   Definitions
   115.516   Annual registration required
   115.517   Annual registration; fee
   115.518   Compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
   115.519   Registration with the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission
   115.520   Duties of a host
   115.521   Advertising on a Hosting Platform
   115.522   Enforcement
Pop-up Parties
   115.550   Definitions
   115.551   License required
   115.552   Security personnel required
   115.553   Age restrictions
   115.554   Hours of operation
   115.555   Inspection access
   115.556   License types and application
   115.557   Police and fire investigation
   115.558   Criteria for approval or renewal
   115.559   Unlawful activity at public entertainment gatherings
   115.560   Revocation or suspension of license
   115.561   Appeal
   115.562   Severability
Commercial Quadricycles
   115.580   Definitions
   115.581   Requirements for an operating permit
   115.582   Procedure for approval of travel routes and temporary travel routes
   115.583   Safety and equipment standards
   115.584   Hours of operation
   115.585   Standards for commercial quadricycle operation
   115.586   Standard for loading and unloading passengers
   115.587   Severability
   115.999   Penalty