(A)   It shall be unlawful for any itinerant vendor or peddler to engage in business within Louisville/Jefferson County except when licensed as a stationary or mobile vendor or peddler as defined in § 115.350(A) and in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Unless otherwise exempted, every itinerant vendor or peddler, before commencing business within Louisville/Jefferson County, shall make application in writing and under oath to the Department of Codes and Regulations and shall pay the required license fees.
   (C)   A separate license shall be required for each vehicle or conveyance engaged by an itinerant vendor.
   (D)   The Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations may set and enforce rules and regulations deemed necessary for the orderly and complete administration of this chapter which are not inconsistent with any of the provisions of this chapter.  A copy of the administrative regulations as promulgated by the Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations shall be available for public inspection in the offices of the Department of Codes and Regulations.
   (E)   The Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations is authorized to establish and promulgate a reasonable schedule and classifications of fees for licenses and permits as shall be issued pursuant to this chapter.
   (F)   The license requirements of this chapter shall not be construed to apply to the following:
      (1)   To newspaper carriers or newspaper vendors (provided that the location and design of all vending machines is approved by the Director of Public Works and Assets); to merchants or their employees in delivering goods in the regular course of business; to vendors of milk and other products distributed or sold to regular customers on established routes; or to sales upon private property by farmers and gardeners of the produce of their farms and gardens.
      (2)   The selling or soliciting for the sale of goods at a trade fair, flea market, or sales exhibition sponsored by a sales exhibition promoter or on property owned or operated by the State Fair Board or Commonwealth of Kentucky.
      (3)   The selling or offering for sale or distribution from interior private pedestrian circulation areas of shopping centers or malls of products to pedestrians which are traversing such zones or patrons of retail stores.
      (4)   No license is required for those persons operating yard sales, garage sales, bake sales or other similar types of activities from their own residentially zoned property, or from property on which they legally reside or from property owned by a charitable organization.  These activities must be temporary in nature and must comply with all Louisville Metro ordinance provisions and Land Development Code provisions. (See Land Development Code Section 4.4.4 Garage Sales)
      (5)   No license is required for any member or members of a religious, charitable, health, welfare, educational, political or youth service organization, who is acting as a peddler by selling or offering to sell goods or services to raise funds for the work of such organization and for no other purpose.  The Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations may require any organization or individual claiming exemption to appear and present evidence in support of said membership and purpose.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 162-2019, approved 10-31-2019, effective 1-29-2020)