(A)   Applicants for certificates shall file with the Department an application in writing on a form to be furnished by the Department giving such information as the Director may require.  No person shall be eligible for a certificate unless he or she meets all the requirements of the Louisville Metro Board of Health Sanitary Code, Chapter 901.  The certificate shall be of such design and bear such words and figures as may be prescribed by the Director of Health.
   (B)   The certificate shall be posted in a conspicuous place visible to the inspectors of the Department at the swimming pool or bathing place at all times during which the Water Safety Personnel named in the certificate is on duty.
   (C)   The Department shall establish a fee to be paid for each original or renewal application for a Water Safety Personnel certification.  Said fee shall not exceed the actual cost of the certification program.
(1999 Lou. Code, § 111.531)  (Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 198-2007, approved 10-15-2007)  Penalty, see § 115.999