(A)   Every certificate holder shall keep accurate records of receipts from operations, and other such operating information as required by ordinance or by the Director in the enforcement of this subchapter. Every certificate holder shall maintain these records at a place readily accessible for examination by the Director or designee. Records shall include, but are not limited to, contracts, dispatch records, accident reports, and medical transportation vouchers.
   (B)   All accidents arising from or in connection with the operation of vehicles for hire which result in death, serious injury to any person, or in damage to any vehicle over $1,500, shall be reported by the certificate holder within 72 hours from the date of occurrence to the Director in a format approved by the Director.  All other accidents shall be reported to the Department on a quarterly basis.
   (C)   Certificate holders are required to advise the Department in writing on a monthly basis, listing persons no longer driving a vehicle for hire in affiliation with them.
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