(A)   To operate as a stationary vendor in a public place within Louisville Metro, a person, firm, or corporation must obtain a permit from the Department of Codes and Regulations.
   (B)   No stationary vendor shall be permitted to operate in a Residential Zoned District as defined in the Land Development Code. This limitation shall not apply to or within the boundaries of a community fair permitted by Louisville Metro, nor shall it apply when a stationary vendor is operating as a contracted caterer in conjunction with a private event.
   (C)   No vendor shall operate closer than 100 feet of a Metro Louisville permitted community fair, without the written permission of the event organizers.
   (D)   Stationary vending activities on or within Louisville Metro avenues, streets, roads or drives shall be limited to the curb side and not the roadway side of any vehicle, and shall be prohibited at diagonal parking places and within any part of an alley. 
   (E)   Permits for stationary vending activities which occur on or within Metro park lands, including sidewalks adjacent to the boundaries of a Metro park, must be obtained from the Director of Metro Parks prior to performing such activities.  The Louisville Extreme Park is a Metro park and is specifically included for purposes of this provision.  Permits for stationary vending activities which occur on or within Louisville Waterfront Park, including sidewalks adjacent to the boundaries of Louisville Waterfront Park, must be obtained from the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation prior to performing such activities.
   (F)   Notwithstanding anything in this chapter to the contrary, no person, firm, partnership, limited liability company, corporation or other legal entity, whether as owner, agent, consignee or employee, whether a resident of Louisville/Jefferson County or not, shall sell or vend merchandise, including food or beverage or erect temporary signage within the Immediate Arena Clean Zone without the written permission of the Louisville Arena Authority.  The Immediate Arena Clean Zone shall be in effect at all times and shall encompass the area within the following boundaries:
      (1)   Northern boundary: the sidewalk along the southern side of River Road, including such sidewalk;
      (2)   Eastern boundary: the middle of Second Street;
      (3)   Southern boundary: the sidewalk along the southern side of Main Street, including such sidewalk and the facades of properties adjacent thereto; and
      (4)   Western boundary: the sidewalk along the eastern side of Third Street, including such sidewalk.
   (G)   The Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations and/or the Director of Metro Parks, and/or the Director of Public Works may limit, restrict, prohibit or impose conditions on vending in certain locations as deemed necessary for health and safety.
   (H)   As a condition of issuance, the vendor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Louisville Metro Government and its representatives against liability and/or loss arising from activities connected with and/or undertaken pursuant to the permit.  Louisville Metro is not liable for any business loss, property loss, or other damage that may result from use of the permit, or suspension or revocation of the permit, and no vendor shall maintain any claim or action against Louisville Metro, its officials, officers, employees, or agents on account of any suspension or revocation.
   (I)   Any permit issued under this chapter shall be posted conspicuously on the vehicle or conveyance.
   (J)   No permit shall be transferable nor shall such permit authorize the activities permitted by any person other than the person to whom it is issued.
   (K)   The permit issued under this section shall be valid for the time period specified thereon. Renewal is required upon expiration of said permit for continued operation.
   (L)   Unless otherwise exempted, all applications for permits shall be accompanied with the required fee(s) as specified in the schedule of fees established by the Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations.
   (M)   The following organizations and their representatives shall comply with all permitting requirements but shall be exempt from a permit fee if all proceeds from sales are returned to their organizations:
      (1)   Bona fide publicly recognized evangelical, missionary, or other religious organizations.
      (2)   Any college, university, or school accredited by any state department of education.
      (3)   Any bona fide publicly recognized national or regional youth nonprofit organization.
      (4)   Any community or neighborhood group with nonprofit status or the Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations' approval.  The Director may require any organization or individual claiming exemption to appear and present evidence in support of the claim.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 162-2019, approved 10-31-2019, effective 1-29-2020)