§ 115.264  MANIFEST.
   (A)   Every taxicab, airport shuttle, and disabled persons vehicle driver shall maintain a daily manifest in his or her own handwriting on which are recorded all trips made each day, showing the time, place of origin, and destination of each trip, the number of passengers, and the amount of fares and charges for each trip.
   (B)   Every charter bus and limousine driver shall maintain a copy of all contracts for transportation. These contracts must indicate the names of person or persons with whom each contract is with, date, time, place of origin, number of passengers and amount of fare(s) and charges for each contract.
   (C)   The forms for each manifest shall be furnished to the drivers by the certificate holder and shall be in a format approved by the Director.
   (D)   Every vehicle for hire driver shall retain and preserve all daily manifests or contracts, whichever is applicable, in a safe place for at least 90 days, and these shall be available to the Director or Director's designee, upon request.
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