(A)   Every certificate holder and driver shall insure that the interior of any vehicle licensed under this subchapter, including the windows and trunk,shall be free of grease, dirt, debris or other trash.
      (1)   Passengers shall be able to use the seats and trunk of the vehicle without fear of soiling the attire they are wearing or their luggage.
      (2)   Interior seat fabric must not be torn or ripped.
      (3)   The vehicle must be free of any offensive odors.
      (4)   The exterior of the vehicle shall also be maintained in a clean, undamaged condition and present a favorable appearance, including:
         (a)   The body of the vehicle;
         (b)   The paint;
         (c)   All glass;
         (d)   Hubcaps;
         (e)   Head and tail lights; and
         (f)   Grill and bumpers.
      (5)   Vehicles that have unsightly body damage or jutting pieces of metal or obvious safety hazards will be deemed to be in violation of this subchapter.
   (B)   All drivers shall maintain personal appearance and grooming so as to present a favorable image at all times while the driver is providing ground transportation service.
      (1)   All drivers shall be hygienically clean and suitably dressed.  "Suitably dressed" means all drivers shall wear:
         (a)   If male:
            1.   Full length trousers, which are clean, no denim or blue jeans;
            2.   Between May 15th and September 15th knee-length shorts which are clean, not denim and not cutoffs;
            3.   A shirt with a collar (with or without an appropriate tie);
            4.   Neat and clean footwear, and proper hosiery; and
         (b)   If female:
            1.   A dress, skirt, trousers, slacks of appropriate length and design;
            2.   Between May 15th and September 15th knee-length shorts which are clean, not denim and not cutoffs;
            3.   A shirt or blouse; and
            4.   Neat and clean footwear, and proper hosiery.
      (2)   Driver's clothing shall not have frays, rips, tears, holes, and shall be neat and clean.
      (3)   No driver may wear:
         (a)   T-shirts;
         (b)   Tank tops;
         (c)   Body suits;
         (d)   Swim-wear;
         (e)   Jogging suits;
         (f)   Athletic shorts or trunks;
         (g)   Undergarments worn as outer garments or so as to be otherwise visible to the casual observer; or
         (h)   Sandals, shower clogs and similar types of footwear.
   (C)   Drivers are prohibited from smoking while transporting passengers unless permission has been requested by the driver and granted by the passenger(s).  Smoking by drivers while transporting passengers is discouraged.
   (D)   Drivers are prohibited from refusing to transport passengers who smoke or decline driver's request for permission to smoke, unless the driver has conspicuously placed no smoking signs on the vehicle where the passenger can see them before he or she enters or hires the vehicle. The no smoking signs and their placement must be approved by the Director.
   (E)   Drivers are prohibited from watching television or eating while driving or any other activity that would impair their ability to safely drive their vehicle.
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