(A)   Every commercial quadricycle in operation shall be annually inspected by the Department of Codes and Regulations and meet the following minimum requirements:
      (1)   A slow-moving vehicle emblem in accordance with KRS 189.820;
      (2)   A back or seatbelt for each passenger seat;
      (3)   A minimum of four hydraulically operated brakes;
      (4)   Rearview mirror;
      (5)   Headlights;
      (6)   Brake lights;
      (7)   Turning signals;
      (8)   A trash receptacle for refuse; and
      (9)   Any other equipment required to comply with all applicable federal and state law.
   (B)   Commercial quadricycle business shall affix its Authorized Public Consumption license number to each commercial quadricycle in a clear and conspicuous place, if it is allowing for the consumption of alcohol.
   (C)   Prior to operation of any commercial quadricycle and at the beginning of each shift or each day of operation, the commercial quadricycle operator shall inspect the commercial quadricycle for safe operating conditions and shall maintain records of such inspection, which records shall be readily available for inspection by Louisville Metro.
   (D)   If the driver of a commercial quadricycle finds an unsafe condition during his or her inspection, he or she shall remove the commercial quadricycle from service and correct the condition before placing the commercial quadricycle back into service.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 81-2017, approved 5-15-2017)