§ 115.261  RECEIPTS.
   (A)   The driver of any vehicle for hire shall, on request by the passenger, render to the passenger a receipt for the amount charged, either by a mechanically printed receipt or by a specially prepared receipt on which shall contain:
      (1)   The name of the certificate holder or the company's registered trade name;
      (2)   The vehicle number of the taxicab and license number for all other types of vehicles for hire;
      (3)   The amount of the fare;
      (4)   All charges;
      (5)   The date of the transaction;
      (6)   The points of origination and destination, except for limousines, charter busses, airport shuttles; and
      (7)   The name of the driver.
   (B)   This receipt shall be signed by the driver before being given to the passenger.
   (C)   The certificate holder shall be responsible for maintaining supplies of receipts for the drivers.
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