All vendors licensed under this section shall conform to the following standards:
   (A)   All operators and employees of stationary vendors must be 18 years or older. If an operator or employee is between the age of 14 and 17, a valid work permit must be submitted.
   (B)   No vendor shall operate closer than 50 feet from flammable combustible liquid or gas storage and dispensing structures.
   (C)   No private property owner shall allow a vendor to operate in any minimum required parking space. If enough parking cannot be provided, the property owner shall not allow the vendor to operate at the site.
   (D)   No vendor located on private property shall be operated closer than 20 feet from any building on adjoining property unless express written approval has been granted from the owner of the adjoining property.
   (E)   No signs or signage shall be permitted other than that which can be contained on the vehicle or conveyance utilized to sell food or merchandise, except for one temporary freestanding sign not to exceed six square feet of surface area per face.  The sign shall not have more than two faces, extend more than four feet above the ground on which it is placed or be illuminated or contain any electrical component.  The sign shall not obstruct the passage of any sidewalk, street, avenue, alley or any other public place.
   (F)   No vendor shall utilize music or other noises in the sale of goods or services, which music or noise may be considered to be unreasonably loud, harsh or excessive and in violation of Chapter 99.
   (G)   All generators, or other fuel sources to include propane tanks, must be permanently or semi-permanently affixed to the vendor's vehicle or other conveyance.  No generators, propane tanks or other fuel sources shall be permitted on a public street, sidewalk, alley, or public way within Louisville Metro.
   (H)   No vendor shall obstruct or cause to be obstructed the passage of any sidewalk, street, avenue, alley or any other public place.
   (I)   All lighting must be permanently or semi-permanently affixed to the vending facility.  No lighting shall be permitted to shine on or into any public right-of-way or other private property, or cause any glare that could be considered a public hazard, nuisance or distraction to vehicular movement, neighboring business operations, or residential uses.  No flashing or strobe lighting shall be permitted.
   (J)   All vendors shall be equipped with at least one garbage receptacle sufficient to accommodate customer use.
   (K)   All merchandise, goods, wares or food shall only be displayed or offered for sale from the vendor's vehicle or conveyance.
   (L)   All vehicles and conveyances shall be equipped with at least one 2A-40 BC fire extinguisher.
   (M)   At the conclusion of business activities the vendor shall clean all debris, trash and litter generated by the vendor's business activities.
   (N)   No portion of a vendor's inventory, sales equipment, or any other structure or equipment used in the sales or solicitation process shall be left overnight upon any public right-of-way within Louisville Metro.
   (O)   All vehicles shall be maintained and kept in good operating order and visual appearance, including the removal of graffiti.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 162-2019, approved 10-31-2019, effective 1-29-2020)