(A)   A driver's permit may be requested from the Department by submitting an application on the form provided, and shall be verified under oath and shall contain the following information at a minimum:
      (1)   Applicant's name, residential address, telephone number, and date of birth.
      (2)   Applicant's gender, height, weight, color of eyes and hair, race and nationality.
      (3)   Applicant's residences for the five years preceding the date of application.
      (4)   Whether the applicant has ever been licensed as a chauffeur, commercial driver, or vehicle for hire driver, and if so, where and when.
      (5)   Whether the applicant has ever had a chauffeur's, commercial driver's, or driver's license suspended or revoked, and, if so, when and why.
      (6)   Notarized signature of the applicant verifying that the information on the application is true and complete.
   (B)   The applicant shall provide a copy of the following documents in addition to the application form:
      (1)   An "intent to lease or hire" form signed by the certificate holder.
      (2)   A valid Commonwealth of Kentucky driver's license if applying for a taxicab driver permit (KRS 281.635). All applicants for other types of vehicle for hire must present a valid driver's license.
      (3)   If not a U.S citizen, a current work permit or other valid United States Citizenship and Immigration Service documents.
      (4)   An official copy of the applicant's complete driving record from each state in which the applicant has lived during the past five years, as well as from any state where a driver's license has been suspended or revoked during the past five years.
      (5)   A criminal history from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and from each state in which they have lived during the past five years.
      (6)   Each applicant shall provide the Department with proof that they have an account with the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Revenue Commission, and that their account is in good standing.
      (7)   Any other information deemed necessary by the Director.
   (C)   Each applicant and each driver, when licensed, shall inform the Director immediately whenever the information required by this section changes.
   (D)   At the time the application is filed, the applicant shall pay to the Department a nonrefundable fee of $30, plus the cost of the investigation, if needed.
(1999 Lou. Code, § 155.115) (Lou. Ord. No. 115-1979, approved 8-17-1979; Lou. Am. Ord. No. 370-1987, approved 12-28-1987; Lou. Am. Ord. No. 172-1996, approved 8-28-1996; Lou. Am. Ord. No. 0045-2002, § 1, approved 3-29-2002; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 223-2005, approved 12-27-2005)