(A)   No driver shall solicit a passenger for a taxicab or airport shuttle except when sitting in the driver's compartment of the vehicle or while standing immediately adjacent to the curbside of the vehicle. Drivers may park and leave their vehicles so long as they do so in compliance with Metro Government's Traffic Codes and Ordinances. Nothing herein prohibits any driver from assisting passengers into or out of such vehicles in a safe and legal manner. All drivers must comply with all traffic and parking ordinances and regulations.
   (B)   No driver shall solicit patronage:
      (1)   In a loud or annoying tone of voice;
      (2)   By a sign;
      (3)   In any manner annoying any reasonable person;
      (4)   By obstructing the movement of any person; or
      (5)   By following any person for the purpose of soliciting patronage.
   (C)   No drivers shall receive or discharge passengers in the street but shall pull up to the right-hand side of the street to receive and discharge passengers, except on one-way streets, where passengers may be received or discharged from either the right or left-hand sidewalk, or side of the street in the absence of a sidewalk.
   (D)   No driver shall cruise in search of passengers in areas and at such times as would congest traffic or be dangerous to pedestrians and other vehicles.
   (E)   No driver, owner, or operator shall solicit at any intermediate points along any established route of any inter-city common carrier, in competition with such common carrier.
   (F)   No driver shall permit any other person to occupy or otherwise ride in the vehicle, unless the person(s) first employing the vehicle for hire shall consent to the acceptance of an additional passenger(s).
   (G)   Drivers are prohibited from transporting passengers for multiple charges at the same time, if such charges exceed the maximum allowable rates of fare established with this charge.
   (H)   No driver shall permit more persons to be transported in a vehicle for hire than the maximum seating capacity recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
   (I)   No driver shall refuse or neglect to transport any orderly person or persons on request, including radio dispatches unless:
      (1)   Previously engaged;
      (2)   Unable or forbidden by the provisions of this subchapter to do so;
      (3)   The driver has reason to believe that the person is engaged in a violation of federal, state or local law; or
      (4)   The driver has just cause to fear injury to his or her person or property.
   (J)   No driver shall refuse to transport any blind person due to his or her use of a guide animal.
   (K)   No driver shall attempt to solicit business for any hotel, or to attempt to divert patronage from one hotel to another.
   (L)   No driver shall engage in:
      (1)   Selling intoxicating liquors;
      (2)   Soliciting or advancing any prostitution related conduct;
      (3)   Engage in the trafficking of controlled substances; or
      (4)   Any other illegal activity.
   (M)   No driver of any vehicle for hire shall permit any person to ride on any part of the vehicle except the inside.
   (N)   No driver shall interfere in any way with another driver's lawful use of a taxicab stand.
   (O)   No driver shall transport a child of 40 inches in height or less unless the child is properly secured in a child restraint system of a type meeting state and federal motor vehicle safety standards nor allow any other passengers to be transported without the use of the vehicles passenger restraint system (commonly referred to as seat belts) being employed as required by state law.
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