(A)   Short term rentals registered in accordance with § 115.517 may be advertised for short term stays of less than 30 days on a Hosting Platform. A Host and/or property owner that advertises an un-registered short term rental on a Hosting Platform is subject to enforcement as stated in §§ 115.522 and 115.999(N)(2).
   (B)   The Director may request that a Hosting Platform remove any listing or Short Term Rental Advertisement from the platform where the registration number associated with a short term rental listing is invalid, expired, or has been revoked. The Director must identify the listing(s) to be removed by the listing URL and displayed registration number (whether valid or invalid) and state the reason for removal. The Hosting Platform shall remove the listing within ten business days of notification by the Director.
   (C)   The Director may request that a Hosting Platform provide the following information to the Louisville Metro Department of Develop Louisville on a monthly basis:
      (1)   The total number of short term rentals in Louisville Metro that were listed on the platform during the applicable reporting period; and
      (2)   The total number of nights all short term rental units were rented through the platform during the applicable reporting period.
   These reports shall be due at the end of each month to include information from the preceding month.
   (D)   Pursuant to KRS 65.8821, the Code Enforcement Board shall have the authority to subpoena information from any Hosting Platform. Any such subpoena shall:
      (1)   Be submitted in writing by the Code Enforcement Board attesting that Louisville Metro Government has a reasonable belief based on evidence that a short term rental may be in violation of §§ 115.515 through 115.521;
      (2)   Be served on the platform via its registered agent;
      (3)   Be related to a specific investigation by Louisville Metro Government relating to a short term rental that is identified in the subpoena; and
      (4)   Identify the alleged violations of §§ 115.515 through 115.521.
   The platform shall notify their user/Host of the information requested in the subpoena within ten business days of receiving the subpoena and produce records within 21 days of providing notice to the user/Host, except to the extent that the user/Host has sought relief in a court of competent jurisdiction.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 56-2019, approved 5-8-2019)