All mobile vendors licensed under this chapter shall conform to the standards pertaining to stationary vendors in § 115.357 and, also, the following standards:
   (A)   No mobile vendor shall park, stand, or stop for the purpose of selling or vending within 1,000 feet of any hospital, building used for religious worship when services are being conducted therein or public or private school grounds during the hours of regular school session, classes, or school related events, except when authorized by said hospital, religious institution or school.
   (B)   No mobile vendor shall park, stand, stop or allow a vehicle to remain in any place than is necessary to transact immediate business. In no event shall the operation stand longer than ten minutes in any given location. At the expiration of the ten minutes, a mobile vendor must begin moving to a location at least 250 feet from the first location.
   (C)   Mobile vending is only permitted during daylight hours as defined by KRS 150.010(6).
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 162-2019, approved 10-31-2019, effective 1-29-2020)