(A)   All vehicles for hire, except limousines, operated by the same company or under the same registered trade name shall:
      (1)   Be painted with the color scheme and identifying design that has been  approved by the Director or  the Director's designee.  No company will be permitted to use a color, or numbering scheme or design which, in the judgment of the Director or Director's designee, is so similar to that of an existing company that such similarity is likely to mislead or confuse the public; and
      (2)   Bear on the outside of each side and the rear of the vehicle, in painted letters of at least three inches in height, the name of the certificate holder or the registered trade name, if any.  In addition, each vehicle for hire may bear an identifying design approved by the Director.
   (B)   Each taxicab shall bear on the outside of each side and the front and rear, in painted letters at least three inches in height a number issued by the certificate holder.  However, no two vehicles having the same color schemes shall possess the same number.
   (C)   Each taxicab shall clearly display on both passenger doors the rates of fares so as to be clearly visible and readable from the exterior of the taxicab in a manner approved by the Director. 
   (D)   The provisions of subsections (A)(1), (A)(2), (B) and (C) above shall only apply to taxicabs.
   (E)   Each airport shuttle vehicle shall display its state and Department approved and designated route on the curbside of the vehicle, in a manner approved by the Department, which is visible from the exterior of the vehicle.
   (F)   It shall be unlawful to operate a vehicle marked with the identifying design of a ground transportation service carrier when there is no affiliation between the driver or certificate holder and such carrier.  Vehicles formerly operated in affiliation with a ground transportation service carrier must be unmarked within three days of the date of the termination of the affiliation.  Unmarked is to mean that the ground transportation service carrier name and/or telephone number may not be further displayed on the vehicle.  Further, the top light and vehicle body markings indicating "TAXI", "CAB", or "TAXICAB", "AIRPORT SHUTTLE", "CHARTER BUS" may not be displayed after termination of affiliation with a ground transportation service carrier.
   (G)   No vehicle shall be operated on any Louisville Metro streets while being marked as a vehicle for hire without first having been issued the Department license and inspection sticker, or having notified the Department that such an operation of a vehicle is going to occur in furtherance of preparing the vehicle for inspection by the Department for the required issuance of the license and inspection sticker.
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