§ 115.520  DUTIES OF A HOST.
   It shall be the duty of a Host under this subchapter to ensure that:
   (A)   The short term rental meets the smoke detector requirements set forth in LMCO § 94.02; has at least one functional carbon monoxide detector installed in an appropriate location as set forth in Kentucky Residential Code; has at least one properly maintained and charged fire extinguisher on each habitable floor; every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening as set forth in the Kentucky Residential Code; and that a clearly marked evacuation plan is posted on the premises;
   (B)   There shall be no more than one contract per short term rental at a time;
   (C)   There is no signage on the premises of the short term rental advertising or identifying the short term rental in residential zoning districts.
   (D)   The name and telephone number of the Host and any emergency contact shall be conspicuously posted within the short term rental.
   (E)   Any Host using a Hosting Platform shall include the valid, Louisville Metro-issued registration number for the short term rental in the Short Term Rental Advertisement.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 217-2015, approved 1-5-2016, effective 8-1-2016; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 70-2016, approved 5-27-2016; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 56-2019, approved 5-8-2019) Penalty, see § 115.999